Who We Are

Maxine founded Black Girl Vitamins to address the nutritional needs of underserved Black women. In 2021, she and a team of nutritionists introduced the first product, BGV Vitamin D3.

We aim to address scientifically proven nutritional deficiencies common among our community and shed light on healthcare disparities.

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Our Mission and Vision

To provide high-quality solutions that cater to the needs of Black women. We envision a world where every Black Woman feels empowered and supported in her health journey.

What We Do

High-quality supplements that work

Our carefully curated products aim to nourish and empower, helping you thrive on your wellness journey.

Community building

Foster community through outreach, and provide health expertise and education as resources to address overlooked challenges you face.


  1. Vitamin D - 82% of black women are deficient

  2. Iron - Black women are 3x more likely to have anemia

  3. Cholesterol - The highest prevalence of heart disease occurs in the black community

  4. Pregnancy - Highest infant/maternal mortality and PCOS occur among black women


We give monthly scholarships to young Black Women in school for healthcare-related fields.

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Over 100k Healthier Melanated Queens

We host and sponsor events to create a space for Black women to unite, share experiences, and support one another. It's all about building a strong community! Join our community of Black women creating their healthiest and best lives with us.