Black Girl Vitamins Sponsors Color Purple Movie Viewing

Ganiyat Adeniji for Black Girl Vitamins

The focus on Black women’s empowerment and support through education is a significant aspect of Black Girl Vitamins' mission. On the 30th of December 2023, BGV hosted and sponsored the viewing of "Color Purple" in Chicago, Dallas, Connecticut, and the DMV area. As a sponsor of the viewing of "Color Purple" in these 4 various locations, the brand aimed to emphasize its commitment to supporting and empowering Black women.  The movie itself addresses themes of Black women's empowerment, making it a suitable and meaningful choice for sponsorship by Black Girl Vitamins.

The pre-movie interviews conducted by our representatives with some of the guests provided valuable insights into attendees' expectations and sentiments regarding the film. By asking questions such as their names, feelings about the new movie, expectations, and whether they had seen the original film, the aim was to capture individuals' anticipation and understanding of the movie's significance, these interviews not only served as a means to engage with the audience but also showcased the diverse perspectives and experiences of those attending the event.

Following the viewing, further interviews were conducted to gather post-movie impressions. By inquiring about whether the movie met their expectations, how it made them feel, their favorite parts, favorite actors, and their overall rating of the movie, Black Girl Vitamins aimed to capture the immediate reactions and emotional responses of the audience. This approach allowed for a comprehensive understanding of the impact of the film on attendees, highlighting the significance of the themes portrayed in "Color Purple."

The feedback received from attendees revealed a range of perspectives. While some individuals appreciated the new version of the movie, particularly due to the musical additions, others, particularly older viewers, were not as impressed, citing a preference for the original. This discrepancy in preferences highlights the diverse viewpoints within the audience and the significance of acknowledging differing perspectives in the context of a meaningful and impactful film.

Also, the alignment of the movie's themes with those of Black Girl Vitamins underscores the shared commitment to showcasing and supporting Black women. The movie's exploration of Black women's experiences and their resilience aligns with the core values of Black Girl Vitamins, particularly in its dedication to empowerment through education, events, Vitamins and supplements, and even educational scholarships.

The decision to sponsor the movie speaks to Black Girl Vitamins' dedication to promoting and celebrating narratives and representations that resonate with its mission. With the sponsorship of events like this,  BGV continuously shows its support for Black women's voices and experiences, knowing the significance of "Color Purple" as a cultural touchstone that amplifies these narratives.

In conclusion, the sponsorship of "The Color Purple" by Black Girl Vitamins was a strategic and meaningful initiative that not only allowed the brand to engage with the audience but also underscored its dedication to our mission and vision. Through pre- and post-movie interviews, BGV was able to capture the diverse array of responses to the film and highlight how it resonated with attendees. This sponsorship effectively reinforced the core values of Black Girl Vitamins and its commitment to uplifting and supporting Black women through various forms of empowerment, education, and representation.