Black Girl Squat Too: Black Girl Vitamins Collaborates with Squat Plus Music

Ganiyat Adeniji for Black Girl Vitamins

Edited by Jennifer Juma

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Hey guys! The Black Girls Squat Too Chicago Takeover was a total blast! Black Girl Vitamins collaborated with Squat Plus Music, and let me tell you, it was the free workout class everyone had been waiting for since 2024 began!

The invitation got everyone excited, promising a workout and an empowering experience for all levels and ages. And guess what? It totally delivered! Before the workout session started, attendees were given vitamin D3 gummies to boost their energy. As a sweet souvenir, everyone each received a bottle of Black Girl Vitamins' vitamin D3 gummies at the end of the workout How cool is that? 

Amber, the flexiologist and group fitness instructor, led the workout session, while DJ Nosike and DJ D9-3 provided the hype and music. The exercises focused on burning fat, working the glutes, and engaging the core through jumps, sit-ups, and while using the Itsherlife thigh band for an extra challenge. And let me tell you, the vitamin D3 gummies helped keep everyone energized throughout the workout! 

The session lasted 60 minutes, including short water breaks. Afterward, there was a brief discussion about the event hosts, followed by group photos and videos to capture the memories. Such a great way to connect and celebrate the power of fitness and sisterhood! 

Thank you to all who attended and don’t forget to share the excitement, the energy, and the empowering atmosphere that was created by tagging @blackgirlvitamins on all social media platforms if you haven’t already done so. BGV and Squat Music are planning more events across America, which means that Black Girl Squat Too might be coming to your city soon. So stay tuned guys!  Subscribe to the Black Girl Vitamins Newsletter at the footer of our website page for news and info on future BGV events. You can also do personal workouts at home with the BGV energy bundle to keep you fueled up.