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5 Reasons why 8,000+ Women Prefer BGV Sea Moss.❤️Spoiler Alert: because it actually works

1. Curb Your Appeitite & Prevent Overeating

Sea moss can help with weight loss by making you feel less hungry. It has something contains alginate, which is like a special helper that tells your tummy to slow down when it's emptying. So, you won't feel as hungry and won't want to eat as much.

2. Support your weight loss goals

sea moss is also rich in iodine. Iodine is an essential nutrient that helps to keep the thyroid gland functioning properly. The thyroid gland regulates metabolism, and an imbalance can lead to weight gain. Therefore, by consuming sea moss, you can help to keep your metabolism regulated and promote healthy weight loss.

3. Support a Health lifestyle with increased energy levels

As we get older, we become more susceptible to illnesses. If that wasn’t enough, our energy levels are all over the place.

Sea Moss helps you live your best life by boosting your immune system and ensuring you stay energized for longer.


They definitely work I'm not tired all the time and I'm feel better emotionally so happy I finally decided to try these

Bobbie T. Verified Customer


4. Experience Improved Digestion & Gut Health

Restore and maintain healthy digestion with Sea Moss. Its high fiber content can help regulate bowel movements and promote healthy gut function.

Proper digestion is crucial for getting the good stuff from our food and getting rid of the bad stuff. Sea moss steps in here – it can make digestion better, so our body takes in all the good things and gets rid of the bad things more smoothly. Plus, it's like a superhero against bloating and that not-so-good feeling in our tummy.

5. Made with 100% High Quality Organic Ingredients

When taken daily you get 90+ essential minerals our bodies need to thrive. Our Organic Sea Moss is free of artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, synthetic colors, dairy, and high fructose corn syrup. They are Halal Certified and Vegan friendly.


Effective Results

Made In The USA


Clean Ingredients

Hear What Other Women Are Saying

"More convenient than taking the Gel"

Love these!! so much more convenient than taking the Gel. I can pop them in my purse and start my day which helps me stay consistent because I don’t always have time to take them 1st thing in the morning

-Shaunte W.

"Hope my Seamoss Gel plug doesn't see this lol"

I love Seamoss but sometimes don't have the time to make a smoothie in the morning. With the Seamoss capsules made things more convenient. Hope my Seamoss Gel plug doesn't see this lol

- Ahisha W.

"Keeps your skin glowing!"

I haven’t had a cold or had my allergies bother me in months. Really does help your immune system & keeps your skin glowing! Thank you! These are a must buy, you won’t regret it!!

-Lia S.

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